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Indiana Jones
Episode Studies
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This is the home page of PopApostle's exploration of 
the Indiana Jones story franchise. This includes studies of the movies, the Young Indy TV series and the franchise's associated comic books, novels, video games etc.


I am continuing to use the term "episode" here as I have elsewhere on PopApostle, as a separable piece in the continuous narrative of a larger story.


Below are the chronological studies of the adventures of Indiana Jones during the time of his life generally referred to as "Young Indy", covering the years 1899-1920, from his birth to his 21st birthday. Indy's adult adventures will follow when these studies are complete.


Many of these Young Indy adventures were first depicted in the 28 episodes of the two-season run of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series on the ABC television network from 1992-1993. Most of the episodes were 1-hour long, with two 2-hour episodes. Most of the episodes also featured bookends with "Old Indy", a 92-year old Indy (portrayed by George Hall) in 1992 relating the story contained in the episode. The final four 1-hour episodes were left unaired at the time due to falling ratings that led to the series' cancellation. In 1994-95, four additional TV movies were shot to air on the Family Channel cable network 1994-1996. In 1996, the entire series was edited and combined into 22 2-hour TV movies with the franchise title of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. The TV movie versions omit the "Old Indy" bookends and contain, in some cases, new interstitial scenes, while also omitting other original footage. PopApostle's studies of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles will attempt to cover elements from both the original airings and the re-edited TV film versions.


The 1-hour episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles used the location and date of the adventure as the title of the episode, such as "British East Africa, September 1909", while the 2-hour TV movies would have a proper title. The PopApostle studies use a combination of the movie titles and references from the episodes, noting the original "title".


In the studies, PopApostle sometimes refers to the 0-12 year old Indy as "Little Indy", the 13-21 year old Indy as "Teen Indy", the "adult" Indy as "Indy", and the 92-year old Indy as "Old Indy" to differentiate the periods of his adventures.


YOUNG INDY (16-21 years old)


INDIANA JONES (Years 1921-1936)

Young Indy (0-15 years old)

Indiana Jones: My First Adventure Indiana Jones: The Human Spirit Indiana Jones: Enough is Barely Living Indiana Jones: Passion for Life Indiana Jones: The Perils of Cupid
"My First Adventure" "The Human Spirit" "Enough is Barely Living" "Passion for Life" "The Perils of Cupid"
Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode
8-year old Indiana Jones goes on an international tour with his parents as his father delivers lectures at universities around the globe. Indy visits Tangiers in 1908...where slavery is still an accepted institution. The Jones family itinerary takes them to Florence, Italy...where Mrs. Jones is wooed by the great opera writer Puccini. Indy meets the artistic community of Paris, including the volatile genius Pablo Picasso. Little Indy is in Vienna, where he meets (and falls in love with) the Princess Sophie.
Indiana Jones: Safari Sleuth Indiana Jones: Journey of Radiance Indiana Jones: The Yin-Yang Principle Indiana Jones: The Runaway Adventure Indiana Jones: Swore and Peace
"Safari Sleuth" "Journey of Radiance" "The Yin-Yang Principle" "The Runaway Adventure" "Swore and Peace"
Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Short story Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode
Little Indy is on an African safari with his hero, Teddy Roosevelt. Little Indy meets a boy believed by some to be the vessel of the new World Teacher. Little Indy takes a journey through China. Indy rescues a Chinese girl from marriage. Feeling like he takes the blame for everything that goes wrong, Indy runs away from his parents into the Russian countryside.
Indiana Jones: Travels With Father Indiana Jones: The Titanic Adventure Indiana Jones: The Pirates' Loot Indiana Jones: The Cross of Coronado Indiana Jones: The Phantom of the Klondike
"Travels with Father" The Titanic Adventure The Pirates’ Loot "The Cross of Coronado" "The Phantom of the Klondike"
Young Indiana Chronicles TV episode Novel Novel Movie excerpt Novel
Anna Jones leaves little Indy and his father alone together for a weekend in Greece. Indy and a newly-wealthy Miss Seymour board the RMS Titanic for its maiden voyage. Indy and a young acquaintance, Rachel, seek to solve the mystery of a long-missing man and a legend of buried treasure. On a Boy Scout expedition, young Indy comes upon a group of treasure hunters who have dug up an important historical relic. Indy and some friends head to the far north to assist a friend of his father's with a ghost problem and a cave full of gold. 
Indiana Jones: The Lost Gold of Durango Indiana Jones: The Radioactive Flask Indiana Jones: The Sacred Meteorite Indiana Jones: The Mountains of Superstition Indiana Jones: The Plantation Treasure
The Lost Gold of Durango The Radioactive Light Bulb "The Sacred Meteorite" "The Mountains of Superstition" The Plantation Treasure
Novel Novel Novel Comic strip Novel
In Durango, Colorado with his father, Indy makes a friend of a young Native American and together they search for a missing cache of gold in the Anasazi ruins of Mesa Verde. Indy attempts to track down a radioactive radium light bulb stolen from the institute of Madam Curie. In the Arctic north, Indy is given the task of returning a sacred stone to a resting place inside a holy mountain. On a campout in the Arizona desert, Indy and members of his Boy Scout troop discover a haunted cave system in the nearby mountains. Indy helps a Virginian heiress seeking out her family's lost fortune.
Indiana Jones: Tomb of Terror Indiana Jones: Princess of Peril Indiana Jones: The Child Lama Indiana Jones: The Metropolitan Violin Indiana Jones: The Bermuda Triangle
Tomb of Terror Princess of Peril The Child Lama The Metropolitan Violin The Bermuda Triangle
Novel Novel Novel Novel Novel
Indy meets an Egyptian boy named Sallah and the pair have terrifying encounters with a German archaeologist and a haunted tomb in Luxor. In 1913 Russia, Indy becomes friends with a princess in peril who is involved in the Georgian independence movement. Indy befriends a Buddhist lama his own age in Tibet and must race to his rescue when the boy is kidnapped for ransom. Indy gets caught in the middle between a stolen violin and the New York Mafia! Indy finds himself in trouble within the notorious Bermuda Triangle.
Indiana Jones: The Ghostly Riders Indiana Jones: Circle of Death Indiana Jones: Journey to the Underworld Indiana Jones: Curse of the Ruby Cross Indiana Jones: The Gypsy Revenge
The Ghostly Riders Circle of Death Journey to the Underworld Curse of the Ruby Cross The Gypsy Revenge
Novel Novel Novel Novel Novel
In 1913, young Indy tackles the legend of King Arthur. Indy and Herman encounter a mysterious band of Dark Druids at Stonehenge. Indy's in Greece and finds himself reliving the Greek legend of Orpheus and his trip to the underworld. Indy becomes involved in recovering a stolen family heirloom for an Italian immigrant in New York. Indy, chaperoned by his father's best assistant professor, pursues an antique manuscript in France that leads them both into a Gypsy adventure.
Indiana Jones: The Secret City Indiana Jones: The Mountain of Fire Indiana Jones: Face of the Dragon Indiana Jones: Eye of the Tiger Indiana Jones: The Spectre of Venice
The Secret City The Mountain of Fire Face of the Dragon Eye of the Tiger The Spectre of Venice
Novel Novel Novel Novel Novel
In Turkey, Indy and Herman stumble into an ancient evil cult living in an underground city. During the early days of WWI, Indy and his father are sidelined in Hawaii, where they stumble across a German plot to attack Pacific shipping. The Jones boys come into the unlikely possession of a mystical golden dragon statue in China. Has Indy's friend Prince Kasim come into possession of a mystic amulet that turns him into a weretiger? Indy faces a terrorist plot in Venice.
Young Indy (16-21 years old)