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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: A Perfect View "A Perfect View"
Star Trek: Nero #4
Story: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
Writers: Mike Johnson & Tim Jones
Artist: David Messina
Cover by David Messina
November 2009


The Narada intercepts the Jellyfish as it exits the newly-reopened wormhole from the future.


Read the full story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Didja Know?


The Nero mini-series did not have individual titles for the four issues. I titled this one "A Perfect View" from a line of dialog in the issue, spoken by Nero to Spock-Prime, a surreptitious reference to his upcoming destruction of Vulcan.


Didja Notice? 


On page 4, Nero strikes Spock and seems to draw a burst of red blood from his lip; as a Vulcan (even though half-human), Spock's blood is green.


On page 7, panel 2, Nero's forehead tattoo is missing!


Commandant Koth is killed when his ship is destroyed on page 17. This eliminates a character who appeared in the future of the original timeline in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.


On page 18, the Narada intercepts a distress call from Rura Penthe, requesting assistance for the Klingon fleet which the Narada has just wiped out. This is likely the same communication that Uhura mentions intercepting at Starfleet Academy in the movie Star Trek ("The Vengeance of Nero").


Nero drops Spock off onto an ice world called Delta Vega which seems to be in the Vulcan system. There is another world referred to as Delta Vega (in the Delta Vega sector), near the edge of the galaxy in the later 2-part story "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (based on the original series episode of the same name), but this does not appear to be the same planet.


The Romulan who provides Spock several weeks worth of supplies to accompany him to the inhospitable surface of Delta Vega does not appear to have tattoos on his face and scalp like the rest of Nero's crew; probably an oversight in the art. 


The image of Vulcan in the sky above Delta Vega on page 22, appears to actually be a modified image of Earth's moon!
Vulcan Earth's moon (photo by Luc Viatour /


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