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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Legacy of Spock (Part 3) "Legacy of Spock" Part 3
Star Trek #57
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art by: Tony Shasteen
Colors by: Davide Mastrolonardo
Letters by: Andworld Design
Cover by: Tony Shasteen
May 2016


The Romulan resistance rescues Spock.


Story Summary


Spock-Prime and Pardek are found guilty of crimes against the Romulan Empire by the Senate and sentenced to execution. The resistance movement springs them and Spock-Prime is able to leave Romulan space aboard Cyrano Jones' ship, having made inroads to peace. But Pardek's spies have also learned that the Empire plans to use the remaining red matter to destroy the Vulcan fleet now gathering at Ceti Alpha V. Spock-Prime reaches the fleet in time to warn Elder T'Pah, with Sarek's support.


Meanwhile, the Romulans have sent a large fleet of ships to intercept the Vulcan fleet, with the former Narada crewmembers Arix and Vella planning to sacrifice themselves to set off the red matter in the midst of the Vulcan fleet.




Characters appearing in this issue





Sarek-Prime (mentioned only, deceased)

Vella (former female Narada crewmember)

Arix (former male Narada crewmember)

The Romulan Praetor

Nero (mentioned only, deceased)

Senator Pardek



Cyrano Jones



Senator Lucian





Didja Notice?


Pages 1-4 seem to be a previously unrevealed scene from the ST-TNG episode "Unification II". 


The Romulan city of the 24th Century on page 1 is the Krocton Segment from the ST-TNG episodes "Unification I" and "Unification II".
Krocton Segment   Krocton Segment
Krocton Segment in this issue   Krocton Segment in ST: TNG episode "Unification II"


A flying Romulan security drone is seen on page 1. It looks like a large hornet. 



A Romulan security shuttle and two patrol ships are seen for the first time on pages 10-11. Romulan security shuttle and patrol ships


On page 13, Pardek says "Jolan tru" to Spock-Prime. This is a Romulan term for both "greetings" and "goodbye".


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