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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Voyagers "Voyagers"
Star Trek: Nero #3
Story: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
Writers: Mike Johnson & Tim Jones
Artist: David Messina
Cover by David Messina
October 2009


Locking Nero and his crew out of its controls, the Narada makes a beeline for the edge of the Delta Quadrant and...V'Ger!


Read the full story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Didja Know?


The Nero mini-series did not have individual titles for the four issues. I titled this one "Voyagers" after the machines V'Ger and it's progenitor, Voyager 6, as well the concept of the Narada and her crew and searched-for Spock-Prime being voyagers through time.


Didja Notice? 


Page 1 informs us that the events of this issue take place on the edge of the Delta Quadrant. This is the home quadrant of the Borg. It has been speculated by fans for the past couple of decades that the machine world on which Voyager 6 was transformed into V'Ger was the Borg homeworld. (V'Ger first appeared in the original timeline in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the Borg in the ST-TNG episode "Q Who".) If so, this would explain why we here find V'Ger in this quadrant and also why the Narada, partially derived from Borg technology herself, would be drawn to V'Ger as depicted. However, Nero's dialog on pages 16-17, after having been taken aboard V'Ger itself, suggests that both V'Ger and the Borg are essentially children of another ancient, unknown civilization.


On page 8, we see that Nero still has at least one sample of the drug he obtained from Quocch on Rura Penthe which enhances his latent Romulan psychic powers.


As the bridge crew of the Narada resists an energy probe scan of the ship by V'Ger, the screen on page 10, panel 6 shows what looks more like a Starfleet data screen than a Romulan one, with the English word "Planetary" on it (along with some others, less legible), and an image of what appears to be Earth on the left of screen. Possibly this was V'Ger attempting to locate its homeworld, Earth.


As the V'Ger energy probe apparently kills Clavell, it appears to have greatly aged him in the process, as seen on page 10, panel 11.


Notice that the images of V'Ger shown on pages 5-21 look as if they are screen shots from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with a slightly "comicified" effect applied to them.


On page 19, Nero uses V'Ger's massive intelligence to calculate where and when the wormhole will open again to admit Spock-Prime into the new timeline. 


Unanswered Questions


Has V'Ger's encounter with the Narada altered its path to Earth as previously seen in the original timeline's Star Trek: The Motion Picture? It seems that V'Ger could have gleaned Earth's location from the Narada's navigation computer, so it might actually arrive in Earth's vicinity quite a bit sooner in this new timeline.


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