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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Vulcan's Vengeance (Part 2) "Vulcan's Vengeance" Part 2
Star Trek #8
Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Joe Phillips
Cover by Tim Bradstreet
April 2012


Pursuing the stolen red matter, Kirk takes an away team in a shuttlecraft into the Romulan Neutral Zone...where they are promptly arrested and taken to Romulus to stand trial for espionage against the Empire.


Read the full story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Didja Notice?  


Yeoman Zahra is the pilot of the shuttlecraft Kirk and his party take into the Romulan Neutral Zone. She was last seen in "Operation Annihilate" Part 2.


This issue reveals that the Enterprise security officer with whom Kirk traded the nickname Cupcake in "Parallels" and "The Vengeance of Nero" is actually named Hendorff. Possibly this is meant to be the same Hendorff who appeared (and was killed) in the original series episode "The Apple".


This issue seems to give us our first look at Romulan birds of prey, though they are not identified as such. They have a different look than the ones seen in the original TV series.


On page 4, Dr. McCoy grouses about the mission and tells Kirk to remind him to check into his transfer back to the clinic in Huntsville. Given McCoy's southern U.S. heritage, he is presumably referring to Huntsville, Alabama.


The uniforms and disruptor pistols used by the Romulans in this issue are very similar to those seen in episodes of the original TV series. However, the sash on the uniforms has a bird of prey design on it instead of triangles.


On page 9, Yeoman Zahra's hair and skin color are suddenly different! She reverts back to normal for the rest of the issue.


By the end of the story, the Romulan Empire is now in possession of the red matter and the designs for the Narada. Will they make use of them? Also, presumably the Klingons still have records of the Narada's design since the ones in this story were obtained from the Klingon study of the ship at Rura Penthe during the 25 years Nero and his crew were imprisoned there.


The end of this issue suggests that Christopher Pike is only a vice-admiral, not a full admiral.


Kirk tells Spock that his conversation with Vice-Admiral Pike about the results of Kirk's incursion into the neutral zone included several uses of the phrase "balance of power" now that the Romulans have the last known sample of red matter in the universe. This may be a nod to the original series episode "Balance of Terror", which was the first Federation confrontation with the Romulans since the Earth-Romulan War in that timeline. 


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