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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: When Worlds Collide Star Trek
"When Worlds Collide"

Wired #17.05 (April 2009)
Writers: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
Artist: Paul Pope


Spock-Prime reflects on his life after he's left stranded on Delta Vega by Nero.


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Didja Know?


This was a comic strip story that appeared in Wired Magazine #17.05.


The title is taken from the 1933 science-fiction novel by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer which was later adapted into a film in 1951.


Didja Notice? 


Page 1 reveals that Spock-Prime keeps with him a strange, hovering puzzle that was given to him by his father. Spock calls it "Sarek's Dilemma". It might be thought of as a Vulcan version of Rubik's Cube!


Also on page 1, Spock-Prime reminisces on being tutored on the Vulcan harp as a child. Here it is revealed that, as a youth, the music he played helped him master his human half. Spock was first seen playing this instrument (as an adult) in the original series episode "Charlie X". 


On page 2, Spock is reflecting on being at the Vulcan Athenaeum learning physical activities with his peers and mastering the Vulcan nerve pinch. The Athenaeum depicted here looks as if it may be the same location as Spock's attempt to attain Kolinahr in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
Vulcan Athenaeum Kolinahr site from Star Trek: The Motion Picture


    On pages 2 and 3, Spock is shown undergoing the tal'oth test in the wastes of Vulcan's Forge during his adolescence. (Vulcan's Forge is a vast desert region on Vulcan where the legendary Surak originally began his pilgrimage which led to his becoming the father of modern Vulcan civilization.) There he encounters a wild Sa-te kru cat which attacks him, but he renders it unconsciousness with a nerve pinch. This is an incident in young Spock's life seemingly borrowed from the Star Trek animated series episode "Yesteryear", but with significant modifications.

    In "Yesteryear", the young Spock was only 7 years old when he set off on his kahs-wan test a month earlier than scheduled to prove himself. In the desert, he encounters a wild le-matya cat which moves to attack him, but is itself ambushed first by Spock's pet sehlat, I-Chaya (a large bear-like creature), who had followed his master, then by Commander Spock, who had travelled back in time through the Guardian of Forever to save the life of his younger self; the elder Spock knocks out the le-matya with a nerve pinch.

    As you can see, the events and even the names of the test and the wild animal have been changed from one story to the other, without explanation. Possibly this is due to differing opinions as to whether the animated series is part of Star Trek canon.


On page 4, Spock-Prime remarks that when he played his Vulcan harp for Lt. Uhura, she would become quite emotional. The scene depicted appears to be from the original series episode "Charlie X". In this episode, Spock, who even has a hint of a smile while doing so, plays the harp for her while she sings and her (seemingly ad-libbed) song is about a man on starship Enterprise "whose devil's ears and devil's eyes could rip your heart from you." This seems to suggest a hint of an attraction between the two even in the original timeline.


The scene on page 5 is from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


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