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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 2) "The Spectrum War" Part 2
Star Trek/Green Lantern #2
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Angel Hernandez
Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover B by: Darick Robertson
August 2015


Hal Jordan forms a cautious alliance with the crew of the Enterprise.


Didja Know?


The Spectrum War is a 6-part Star Trek story set in the Kelvin Timeline created by the Romulan Nero's incursion into the past in the 2009 Star Trek movie (starting with "Rebirth" in the PopApostle ST chronology). It was published by IDW as the 6-part mini-series Star Trek/Green Lantern (2015) a cross-over of the characters of Star Trek and those of the various Lantern Corps from the DC Universe of comic books published by DC Comics.


This mini-series takes place in an alternate timeline than the one followed in the main PopApostle Star Trek chronology of the Kelvin Timeline.


Characters appearing in this issue


Hal Jordan

General Chang

Captain Kirk


Lt. Uhura

Lt. Chekov

The Hegemon



Glocon's mother (unnamed, mentioned only)

Praetor Decius

Ganthet (deceased, mentioned only)

Dr. McCoy



Didja Notice?


This issue opens with the ancient Klingon proverb, "Fear is power."


On page 1, Chang says "Hija!" and "Viq hos!" Hija is unknown (maybe it's just an exclamation of pain/shock/surprise as the power of the yellow ring infuses his body?). Viq hos essentially means "the power to attack" in Klingon.


Page 7 reveals that Chang's Bird of Prey is named the Muqtovor, after a great predator of ancient Qo'nos (the Klingon homeworld).


This issue reveals that the homeworld of the Gorn is Gornar in the Tau Lacertae system of the Beta Quadrant. According to the 1989 ST reference book The Worlds of the Federation, Gornar is also known as Tau Lacertae IX. "Gorn, But Not Forgotten" states that the Gorn are from another galaxy, but most sources seem to have a consensus of the Beta Quadrant instead (which makes more sense).


On page 9, Glocon of Gornar is chosen as a member of the Red Lantern Corps.


On page 10, Jordan projects a shield with the words "Property of C.C.P.D." emblazoned on it from his ring. C.C.P.D. stands for Coast City Police Department. Coast City is his normal base of operations when on his Earth. Coast City is a fictitious metropolis.


Page 13 opens on Romulus in Sector Z-6. This location for Romulus was implied in the original series episode "Balance of Terror". Some sources state this sector lies in a portion of the Beta Quadrant bordering the Alpha Quadrant.


The Romulan emblem seen in the senate chamber is a bit different than any we've seen before, but may be one that corresponds to the year this story takes place, 2262.

Roumlan emblem 2262


The man called Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire here is named Decius. Possibly he is the same Decius who was Commander L'Nar's junior officer in "The Khitomer Conflict" Part 1, though he obviously would have to have advanced far in the military and/or politics to come to this point just a year-and-a-half later (assuming a similar timeline in this alternate universe)!


On page 14, Praetor Decius is chosen as a member of the Orange Lantern Corps.


Not yet realizing he's traveled to the future, not to mention another universe, Jordan asks Kirk if the Enterprise is some kind of secret NASA ship. NASA, of course, is the United States' official space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


The last page of this issue introduces Sinestro, leader of the Sinestro Corps and arch foe of Hal Jordan in the DC Universe.


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