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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 3) "The Spectrum War" Part 3
Star Trek/Green Lantern #3
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Angel Hernandez
Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover Sub by: Gary Brown, colors by Doug Garbark
September 2015


The new Red and Orange Lanterns strike!


Didja Know?


The Spectrum War is a 6-part Star Trek story set in the Kelvin Timeline created by the Romulan Nero's incursion into the past in the 2009 Star Trek movie (starting with "Rebirth" in the PopApostle ST chronology). It was published by IDW as the 6-part mini-series Star Trek/Green Lantern (2015) a cross-over of the characters of Star Trek and those of the various Lantern Corps from the DC Universe of comic books published by DC Comics.


This mini-series takes place in an alternate timeline than the one followed in the main PopApostle Star Trek chronology of the Kelvin Timeline.


Characters appearing in this issue


Hal Jordan

Captain Kirk

Ganthet (deceased, mentioned only)

Nekron (flashback)

Kilowog (flashback)

Arisia (flashback)

John Stewart (flashback)

Guy Gardner (flashback)


Salakk (flashback)

Indigo (flashback)

Saint Walker

Lt. Uhura

Dr. McCoy



The Hegemon (dies in this issue)



Senator Vrax

Senator Cretak

Praetor Decius


General Chang

Lt. Chekov

Carol Ferris


Didja Notice?


Hal Jordan tells Kirk that his universe ended due to the machinations of Nekron. Nekron is considered the Lord of the Unliving in the DC Universe and head of the Black Lantern Corps which is made up of all of the deceased beings of the universe.


As Jordan tells of his universe's fall on pages 2-3, the flashback shows: Green Lantern Corps members Kilowog, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Salakk; Blue Lantern Saint Walker; and Indigo of the Indigo Tribe.


On page 6, Atrocitus attacks his fellow Red Lantern, Glocon. Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lantern Corps in the DC Universe.


On page 7, Glocon's friend/advisor, Garron, tells Atrocitus that they know of no Ganthet or Nekron. But Atrocitus has only mentioned Nekron, so how could Garron know to even mention Ganthet's name??


Decius kills Romulan senators Vrax and Cretak (as well as others) on page 9. Senator Vrax appeared previously in a couple episodes of ST: Enterprise. Senator Cretak appeared in the several episodes of ST: DS9 in the original timeline.


On page 10, Larfleeze, leader of the Orange Lantern Corps, appears before Decius.


On page 12, Sinestro tells Chang he is from Korugar. Korugar is the homeworld of Sinestro in the DC Universe.


On page 16, Chekov says da. Da is Russian for "yes".


On page 16, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris appears before Chekov, bearing the injured Blue Lantern Saint Walker. Carol Ferris has been a love interest for Hal Jordan in the DC Universe.


On page 17, the U.S.S. Constellation is attacked and destroyed by Orange Lanterns Glocon and Atrocitus. The Constellation appears to be a Constitution-class ship, identical to the Enterprise, commanded by Commodore Dekker (sic). In the original timeline, the Constellation was destroyed in the original series episode "The Doomsday Machine" and Commodore Decker killed.


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