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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: The Spectrum War (Part 6) "The Spectrum War" Part 6
Star Trek/Green Lantern #6
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Angel Hernandez
Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover Sub A by: Cat Staggs after Bob Peak
December 2015


The final showdown against Nekron.


Didja Know?


The Spectrum War is a 6-part Star Trek story set in the Kelvin Timeline created by the Romulan Nero's incursion into the past in the 2009 Star Trek movie (starting with "Rebirth" in the PopApostle ST chronology). It was published by IDW as the 6-part mini-series Star Trek/Green Lantern (2015) a cross-over of the characters of Star Trek and those of the various Lantern Corps from the DC Universe of comic books published by DC Comics.


This mini-series takes place in an alternate timeline than the one followed in the main PopApostle Star Trek chronology of the Kelvin Timeline.


The "Subscription Cover A" of this issue by Cat Staggs was inspired by the poster art for Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Bob Peak.
Star Trek/Green Lantern #6 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Cover of Star Trek/Green Lantern #6 by Cat Staggs Star Trek: The Motion Picture movie poster by Bob Peak



Characters appearing in this issue


Amanda Grayson (as a Black Lantern)



Captain Kirk

Hal Jordan

Guy Gardner


Carol Ferris

Lt. Sulu

John Stewart

Saint Walker

Lt. Uhura

Lt. Chekov

Dr. McCoy



General Chang

Praetor Decius




Life Entity


Didja Notice?


When it looks like a phaser blast from the Enterprise has vaporized Nekron, Hal Jordan warns Kirk not to be so sure, saying Nekron's a manifestation of dark energy. It's hard to know in this context if, by "dark energy", he is referring to the so-called dark energy postulated to exist by cosmological scientists or to a fictitious dark force related to the reanimation of the dead. The real world dark energy theory postulates that about 68% of the energy in the universe is a uniform dark energy that is spread uniformly throughout the universe which is causing the accelerating expansion of the universe.


As Spock is attracting one of each color of Lantern ring to resurrect the Life Entity, Guy Gardner expresses concern that he or one of his fellow Green Lanterns must die in order to provide a Green Lantern ring to him. Hal Jordan finds a way around it by having all four of the remaining Green Lanterns combine their light into a channel into Spock. But why would Gardner think one of them had to die in the first place? All of the other-colored Lanterns provided their rings without dying (except for the "evil" Chang, Glocon, and Decius found floating in space later in the issue, of course).


The story ends at stardate 2262.247. Which is nicely in keeping with IDW's determination to screw up the stardates in its Star Trek comics. "The Spectrum War" Part 1 began on stardate 2262.67, so the story ends before it even began! (And, no, the Enterprise did not travel back in time.)


The Golden Gate Bridge is seen in the background from Starfleet Headquarters on page 20, panel 4.


The remains of the Klingon, Gorn, and Romulan ring-bearers (Chang, Glocon, and Decius) are found floating in space, having been left helpless and unprotected in space when their rings left them for Spock.


Kirk's captain's log reports that Atrocitus, Larfleeze, and Sinestro have disappeared, while the other surviving ring-bearers have chosen to either explore their new universe (the DC Universe having been destroyed by Nekron), or remain aboard the Enterprise as it resumes its mission (John Stewart, Saint Walker, and Hal Jordan apparently remain; however the follow-up mini-series Stranger Worlds, has Stewart on Earth and adds Carol Ferris to the Enterprise crew).


On page 21, Starfleet has approved new ring-based phasers and personal force-fields for its personnel, as developed by Scotty from examination of the power rings in the course of this mini-series.


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