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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Waterworld: Children of Leviathan (Part 4) Waterworld
"Children of Leviathan" Part 4
Waterworld: Children of Leviathan #4
Acclaim Comics
Writers: Chris Golden & Tom Sniegoski
Penciller: Kevin Kobasic
Inker: Barbara Kaalberg
Colors: Atomic Paintbrush
Letters: Kenn Bell & GraphicPlanet
Cover: Alex Maleev
November 1997

The Mariner's showdown with Leviathan!


Didja Know?


Waterworld: Children of Leviathan was a 4-issue comic book mini-series published by Acclaim Comics in 1997. The title of the series refers to the sea serpent called Leviathan in Jewish mythology, including the Hebrew Bible. 


Characters appearing or mentioned in this movie


Children of Leviathan

Foundation inhabitants

Leviathan (dies in this issue)



Dr. Noah

Foundation President


Enola (unnamed, in Mariner's thoughts only)

Gregor (mentioned only, as "an old friend") 


Didja Notice?


On page 9, Dr. Noah falls into the clutches of Leviathan and the Mariner grumbles, "This keeps happening to me..." He is referring to his rescue of Enola from the Deacon's hands in Waterworld.


Page 10 reveals that the Mariner submerged his trimaran dozens of feet under the sea's surface with ballast and balloons before he took Carlos down to the Foundation in "Children of Leviathan" Part 2. Page 16 explains that he borrowed the balloon system from an "old friend" in Waterworld; this would be Gregor.


On page 18, some Foundationers are wearing badges reading DESERT STORM, FDR, McGOVERN, and NIXON IS THE ONE, as well as a badge with the elephant symbol of the U.S. Republican political party. Operation Desert Storm was the codename of the U.S.-led invasion of the country of Iraq for the Gulf War in 1991. FDR, as previously mentioned in the study of  "Children of Leviathan" Part 1, is the initials Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd president of the United States. McGOVERN refers to George McGovern, a presidential nominee for the 1972 election. NIXON IS THE ONE was an actual slogan used in Richard Nixon's presidential campaign in 1968.


On page 19, panel 1, the Mariner appears to have an M16 (or similar) rifle from his cache clutched in his left hand.


    On page 20, the now-flying Leviathan mocks the Mariner by saying, "I float through the air with the greatest of eeeaaassse!" He is paraphrasing a line from the main chorus of the 1867 song by George Leybourne, "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze".

    Leviathan continues to mock as he attacks the Mariner, saying that he's ridding this world of Mariner's disease. Mariner's disease is an informal name for an infection of the inner ear that can cause problems of physical imbalance.


On page 22, Leviathan's blood appears to be green and the Mariner remarks that the tint in Leviathan's blood is like his own. But in Waterworld, the Mariner's blood was seen to be red like a normal human's!


The story ends with the Mariner frustrated at not having learned his origins, though it seems likely it involves genetic engineering by the Foundation. The Washington D.C. Foundation facility has now been destroyed, but Dr. Noah tells him there were four more across the world at one time.


Unanswered Questions


Will the Mariner attempt to find the four remaining Foundation facilities in order to learn his origins? Most likely we, the readers, will never know because Acclaim Comics went out of business in 2004.


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