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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Khan (Part 4) "Khan" Part 4
Star Trek: Khan #4
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Robert Orci
Pencils (present day): David Messina
Inks (present day): Giorgia Sposito
Pencils & Inks (flashback): Luca Lamberti
Cover A by: Paul Shipper
January 2014


Khan's early days as a member of Section 31 are revealed.


Didja Know?


Star Trek: Khan was a 5-issue mini-series published by IDW.


Didja Notice?


On page 4, Admiral Marcus answers the amnesiac Khan's (whose memory has been altered to believe he is John Harrison) questions about being a soldier with, "That's like calling the Mona Lisa a painting..." Of course, the Mona Lisa is the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, painted in the 16th Century. And Khan is a nearly perfect warrior.


This issue introduces Lt. Yuki Sulu, the sister of Lt. Hikaru Sulu of the Enterprise, and reveals she is a member of Section 31.


Page 6 reveals that the John Harrison alias for Khan provided by Section 31 has the middle name Richard. Possibly, this is a reference to the Spanish version of the name, Ricardo, the first name of the Mexican actor who portrayed Khan in "Space Seed" and The Wrath of Khan, Ricardo Montalbán.


The ship seen in spacedock on page 8 is the USS Vengeance, seen commanded by Admiral Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness.


The same image of three shuttlecraft seen below the Vengeance on page 8 is repeated on page 9 and also in "Khan" Part 5 on page 21!


This issue reveals that the personal transporter device used by Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness was designed by Khan himself while working for Section 31 as John Harrison.


Throughout this issue and the next, the Klingon moon Praxis is mistakenly called "Praxxis". It is revealed here that Khan, as Harrison, implemented a plan for Section 31 that brought about the destruction of the moon, which had been providing dilithium fuel for the Klingon Empire. In the original timeline, Praxis was blown apart due to overmining much later, in 2293.


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